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Note: there isn't an active class, or 1:1 training at this time. The following information is therefore of a general nature.

With an active group, Chi Kung (Qigong) instruction by phases in a class environment is the primary service...

The main or home page links to Chi Kung Southern Highlands that contains details the class location, the weekday and the start time of the class.

Different forms require a varying time span to teach, and is centred on the slowest learner to avoid leaving someone behind. We are all different, and slower learners are assisted with some 1:1 type in class teaching, or private 1:1 (see Teaching in a private environment below), to help overcome sticking points.

The teaching phase gives the class members the basics of the qigong form sections, reinforced with practice.

The class environment is quite casual, therefore the learning phase is not high pressure, even though precision of movement is an aim.

The class sessions are not all about learning a new form. A session starts with a sitting meditation of five to eight minutes, with a background of low volume subliminal relaxation music. Next is the important warm ups including qigong hand exercises, and a routine for different parts of the body. Following is a practise of the 5 Elements form. A short break - then a session on whatever form is being learned or revised. The remaining time may be spent with pressure points, or Dao Yin meridian work. The session concludes with either a standing or sitting meditation.

Teaching in a private environment may be available.

Not everyone is comfortable in a class environment, and you may prefer the privacy of 1:1 sessions. The same principles apply as for class environment, however the time required to learn is generally less.

For More Details

For more details please call 02 4851 9001, or go to the online form at the Contact page.